Below are the books I have written including my best selling book "Navigating Life with Multiple Personality Disorder". All of my books are available on and I have provided a link for you.

Navigating Life with Multiple Personality Disorder

Available in both paperback ($13.95) and Kindle ($2.99) 276 pages.

Gloria Hass wrote this book because she wants people to understand this rare personality disorder which is reversible with psychotherapy. Ms. Hass writes about her personal experience of how she integrated 38 alternate personalities she lived with for over 56 years. "Gloria Hass honestly and informatively gives the reader an inside on the perks and intricacies of Multiple Personality Disorder. She does so in a focused inspiring way, helping others to relate, understand and have compassion for others and themselves going through this." Kim Somers Egelsee, Author, Speaker and Confidence Expert.


Stories From The Heart: Ways to Improve and Elevate Your Life and Business (personal development)

Available in paperback for $7.95 and in Kindle for $2.99 (192 pages)

If you are looking for ways to improve and rise in your life and/or business, then this book is a must read. You will find treasures and nuggets of wisdom in a straight-forward, honest and refreshing approach. Ms. Hass doesn't give you hype - she gives you tried and true guidance which has successfullly worked for her over a number of years. "A thought-provoking practical guide to an authentic way of living. A must-read that provides a foundational basis to improving your life. Truly motivating and inspirational!" Suzy Gruzen, CTP, RM, CPH


Healing from the Hurts in Your Life Workbook

Available in paperback for $5.38 and Kindle for $2.99

Healing from the Hurts in Your Life Workbook is to aid men, women and children in overcoming the hurts they have had in their life so they can be more successful in whatever they do. This book lists four major areas of hurt to work on and then aids the participant in moving forward with their life. This isn't a skim quickly kind of book. You'll want to study the book and reflect in order to receive the most from the exercises. There is room in the book to write your study notes. This book's focal point is on an approach to obtain personal effectiveness. Healing from the Hurts in Your Life helps an individual work toward continuous improvement. Hass states we are responsible for our own lives. This book is not complex - it's simple and at the same time has powerful exercises. When you finish this book, you'll feel as if you've taken a seminar. There's no hype, hoopla or psychobabble - only straight forward English put in simple terms to aid everyone no matter what age, gender or sexual orientation. This book is great for just the individual and can also be used in a group self-help confidential setting.