Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments are not a walk in the park and people react differently to each treatment they receive.

I understand some people don't feel any effects at all (depending on the treatment they receive), while other people are left wondering if they're going to make it through the day.

During this time, men, women and children need all the support they can receive and that is what Sponsor A Doll Program does.

"I wish I would have had one of these dolls when I was going through chemo," Betsy, Tucson, Arizona.

With your help of $20 or more, dolls can be given to children and adults going through either radiation or chemotherapy treatments who live in the United States of America. Postage rates are too prohibitive to mail a doll internationally ($50 USD).

You can live anywhere, in the world, to sponsor a doll.

The cost of sponsoring each doll is $20. You can either be an anonymous giver or you can have your name, business/organization/church name, and address be included when the doll is given.

For example: This doll is sponsored by: Business Helpful located at 5555 North Highway Road, Any City, Any State


You can have just your name for privacy if you're an individual sponsoring a doll.

Just like the people who lose their hair from treatment, Adyson Grace and Ayden Brave are sporting a bald head with a headband. They are soft and cuddly along with being made in a smoke-free environment.

Won't you please help today?

To sponsor a doll, please donate below:

Sponsor A Doll Program


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